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Account protection and the safety of personal information are the types of things that every online investor needs to be able to take for granted. At optionsXpress, we consider these to be among our most important responsibilities to our customers.

We take the threat of Internet fraud seriously and remain concerned with protecting your personal information.

Never Give Out Account Details

optionsXpress will not request your login or password or your personal information by e-mail. Nor do we send attachments in an e-mail communication, except upon your direct request to a live person on our staff.

To protect the security of your account, optionsXpress will not provide or confirm your password. No one from optionsXpress will ever request your password. If you forget your password, you will be able to reset it online at any time using our secure password reset service.

Take Caution with Email

If you receive a suspicious e-mail request from optionsXpress, please do not comply but call us at (888) 280-8020 or forward the e-mail to with your concern in order to verify its authenticity.

From time-to-time we may send identity verification e-mail requests for accounts to comply with various U.S. and industry regulations. E-mail is not a secure form of communication. To arrange for a secure method to transfer of sensitive personal information or legal documents, please call us at (888) 280-8020.

It Is Your Responsibility to Keep Your Password Secure

If you distribute your password to third-parties, you assume responsibility for their actions. We recommend that you never share your password and that it be changed frequently—at least once a month. Secure password changes may be made online at anytime.

Set your automated account logoff to a reasonable time, to help ensure that you never leave your personal information untended.

Keep Your Systems Current

optionsXpress recommends that you maintain up-to-date system software, a current anti-virus and anti-spyware software, an internet firewall solution, and we suggest you become familiar with your browser and computer’s security settings. Anti-virus and anti-spyware software require frequent updates to keep pace with new risks.

Use Caution on Networks

optionsXpress recommends that you use caution when accessing your account via a wireless network connection and refer to your wireless manual or software vendor for security capabilities.

To help protect your account, you should use your own known computer and regularly conduct system tests for possible system vulnerabilities.

Review Your Account Regularly

Check your account regularly as well as your mailed quarterly statements to verify all transactions. Notify us immediately of any erroneous or suspicious transactions.

Addition Security Tips

For additional tips from the federal government and the technology industry, please visit OnGuard Online. OnGuard Online also links to GetNetWise which can help you select the right tools to secure your computer.